Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ava Crawling Around


Krystle said...

Question! I was googling strawberry hemangioma's as our 4 week old has one that started to show up a few weeks ago. It's on her head midline closer to the right. I was just wondering if your little boy's is still growing, or if it has levelled off?
Cute cute babies, btw, sorry they are sick! We have reflux problems too (read that in the same post)

Boston Chef said...

Hey Krystle - Colin's strawberry birthmark stopped growing a long time ago - probably at around 2 or 3 months.

Since then it has remained about the same diameter as his head has grown, making it seem like it's smaller in comparison.

These days it has flattened out and become darker and much less noticable. It used to be raised and VERY red. His hair is very slowly growing in and is starting to cover it up a bit too.

We really don't notice it so much anymore and we know he doesn't care about it. By the time he gets old enough to care, it won't be noticable at all...