Saturday, March 27, 2010

At the Playground

It is a bit chilly out this weekend in Boston, but last weekend was gorgeous! We took advantage and went over to the playground...

We love the swing!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Colin Getting Around

Colin has an unorthodox way of getting around the house... but it works.

He loves standing, too... often for a couple minutes at a time. Steps are near!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

15 Months!

Hello, Elmo...

We are a bit late with this post, let's just say we've got a ton going on. More news soon...

So let's get to the important stuff! Our stats! This was the first time we got to stand on the big boy/big girl scale! No more laying down sans diapers on that baby scale, we're toddlers now!

Little Miss Ava still hasn't broken the 20lb barrier (she's weighing in at 19lbs 9oz), but she did gain 1.75lbs in 3 months and now is registering in the 7th percentile for weight - up from the 5th 3mos ago! She's amazingly long, charting at 31" which is 66th percentile! Talk about growth spurt - she was only 28 1/2 inches last time.

She's finally off formula, and so we begin the transition off bottles completely. This week we'll be going down to only morning and bedtime bottles, putting milk in sippy cups during the day. Our goal is a bottle-free household by 18 months.

Mr. Colin only gained 3/4 pound in 3 months, but this is not surprising. Kids tend to level off after a year - none of this exponential growth we see during their first year.

He weighs in at 21lbs 12oz which is 13th percentile, down a bit from the 23rd last time, but that's okay since he transitioned off formula since then. Colin is 31.25" tall which ranks him at 54%. His noggin has also stopped growing exponentially which puts all previous concerns to rest.

See you soon!