Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Header!

New home, new location, new life - new blog header!

We had outgrown our previous header, which was a pic of us from nearly a year ago (at 9 months old). We're WAY older and more mature now!

So starting anew with a new header for our blog. Other changes are way too time consuming so we'll just stick with this update for now.

Now if only Mom and Dad could get their food blog going again...

Monday, July 26, 2010

20 months old!

Twenty months old. They are closer to two than to They are being assessed for EI (early intervention) this week -- when we moved from Boston, our services were discontinued. So we start anew in a different district. We dropped in on the Kennedy Donovan Center last week for open playtime and I was VERY impressed with the facilities...both indoor and outdoor playspaces with tons of puzzles and toys that we simply don't have the room for. If they get accepted, the 2 open playtimes per week will be free of charge as will age-appropriate playgroups. Plus, we get the benefit of in-home therapy for whatever they're lagging in.

Yesterday, we took Colin and Ava to Treasure Land playground in Oxford. This place is a gem. And we had it all to ourselves (I'll just assume it was because everyone was in church, unlike us heathens.) So here are a ton of pictures from our personal playground time!


Ava on the slide with Daddy

I'm a big boy!


Colin loves to swing

So does Ava!


Treasureland in all its empty glory...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Visit from Memere and Pepere

This past weekend, my parents made the trek down from Caribou, Maine to visit our new home for the first time. We had seen them back in May up in Caribou, so the twins had seen them recently. Even so, I prepped for the visit by showing them pictures of Memere and Pepere. I think it really helped -- the minute they arrived, Ava strolled right up to my Dad and wanted to be held by him.

We had lots of fun in the pool, visiting Old Sturbridge Village, playing with their new sand and water table, and just being silly. So here's just a ton of random pictures from the weekend! Enjoy!

Pepere and Ava outside Old Sturbridge Village

Memere with a horse

Yep...I'm milking a plastic cow

Ava smiling after seeing lots of animals at OSV

Colin loving the pool

Pepere and Ava in the pool


Memere and Ava

The twins with Pepere

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Colin's Hat

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth!

A day late, I know, however I'm pooped. This heat is a killer on me, on the twins' moods, on our lawn! Today we had a a nice visit from our friends Scott, Traci and Gavin who trekked up from Manchester, CT in this swamp-awful heat -- thanks for hanging out in the pool with us!

Here's Colin offering Gavin some bubble bottle caps.

Yesterday, we went for a run along the Grand Trunk Trail in the Westville Lake area which is on the Sturbridge/Southbridge line. Apparently, it's a railbed built by Charles Hays (the President of the Grand Trunk Railways), but after he bought a ticket on the Titanic the rails were never laid. Now we are blessed with an absolutely beautiful stonedust trail shaded by forest that is easy to run on with a big ol' double stroller.

After our run, we let the twins run free in this enormous recreation field without the worry of roads or cars. Here are some shots from yesterday morning.