Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Roundup

We're back from Northern Maine where we spent Christmas with our Grandparents! We got a ton of snow and didn't get out much because we weren't feeling too hot and decided to be extra cranky... Feeling much better now, thanks! We're finally back to 100% after a month of rough seas.

We got tons of awesome toys!

LOVE my toys!

Colin won't get off his car... loves it!


Ava checked out the snow...

Colin checked it out.

Warming up back inside with mom.

That's it! What a year! Happy New Year and see you in 2010!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Feeling Better

After over two weeks of "general malaise" (official diagnosis), we are finally feeling better.

Ava seems to suddenly hate forumla now and all she wants to eat is solid foods, whereas Colin just wants his bottles and is less interested (although, still interested) in solid foods.

Unfortunately, it's petite AVA whom we need eating the high calorie formula... and COLIN we want going off formula and onto solid foods... Of course they are doing the exact opposite...

Having fun and being happy again, though - and that's most important.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Poor baby.

UPDATE: They aren't so sure it is roseola. The doctors think it might be hypersensitivity to the amoxicillin they have both been on...

We just can't catch a break... now we have Roseola.

A few things - we're glad that none of this has been serious enough for hospital stays or requiring treatment with anything other than antibiotics and tylenol drops. We're very thankful that these past couple weeks have involved making these guys comfortable and fighting through this with them at home. Things could be much worse and we know these are relatively minor issues compared to what other families have to go through.

However, yikes. These past two weeks have sucked.

Maybe this is the end of the road for sicknesses. That would be great... they are happy and eating and the rash doesn't itch. No more fevers, so that's nice. Ava had this rash for the past couple days and now, sure enough, Colin has it this morning.

Please be the end of the road...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ava Crawling Around

Illness Update

So it got better before it got worse.

Long story short, Colin was getting better before yesterday - but then he came BACK with a 102.4 fever and an emergency doctor's visit.

They suspect he HAD swine flu at one point and that's why the fever had returned. No ear infection (which Ava has and is being treated for with amoxicillin - she's doing much better) - but they decided to run some chest xrays on him because of his cough.

Ever see what they put kids in to get chest xrays? It's called a Pigg-O-Stat... and it is from Medieval Times!

This is not Colin, you can tell because this kid is calm.

Holy moly there are no more tears left after the big scary doctor poking around, followed by being jammed into this thing.

Well, big scary doctor took a look at the results and diagnosis: Pneumonia! Colin has mild pneumonia and is being treated with even MORE amoxicillin.

The good news is he's going to be ok and seems much better today than he was yesterday. And they (and we) slept better last night. However, feeding them bottles has become a chore and we are basically force-feeding them at this point... not sure what to do about that. Our plan to begin him on milk last week is out the door. Trying to keep them up with the fluids but at the same time, he has been vomiting and we don't want him to lose his medicine. Thinking of getting pedialyte but checking in with the little, non-scary doctor soon to see what she says. Ugh.

We really jinxed ourselves, didn't we?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sick? Sick.

Remember when we THOUGHT we were sick?

Yeah, no... that was nothing. NOW we're sick. Colds, fevers, ear infection, croupy cough, vomit, no sleep, etc, etc.

Come over and visit!

Wish us luck...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One Year Stats

We visited the doctor's this morning for our one year check up and... we're doing great! Percentiles are fine and our growth curves are headed in the right direction. Colin's noggin growth has thankfully leveled off and it was Ava's turn for a little growth spurt!
  • Colin weighs in at a hefty 21lbs 1oz, up 2.5lbs from 3 months earlier. That puts him in the 23rd %ile - which is great for a little preemie guy. His height is 29.25", up .75" from 3 months ago and putting him at 31st %ile. His growth spurt was really 6-9 months, he is leveling off a bit.

  • Ava weighs in at a dainty 17lbs 12oz, up 2.4lbs from 3 months earlier and in the 5th %ile. However, her height nearly matches Colin's at 28.5" - up 2" from 3 months earlier and landing her in the 29th %ile. She is long, lean, and mean! (well, not mean)
So it was all good news and everyone was happy and Colin was especially animated and talking and laughing the whole time.... and then the needles came out. FIVE, count them, FIVE injections for each little baby.

The. Sheer. Horror.

Took alot of comforting after that but after a walk back to the car we were all better. Colin even immediately fell asleep on the ride home and then it was recovery naps for all!