Sunday, November 29, 2009

We're One! Birthday/Thanksgiving/Cousins Mega Post!

WE'RE ONE!!! We turned one on Thanksgiving Day, which was awesome because someone named "Macy's" threw a BIG PARADE for us in New York and everyone got to enjoy it!

Out for a pre-birthday walk.

Ava is one.

Colin, also one!

We made it! One whole year!

Of course, you have to be nice and clean for your birthday...

Yes, we still love baths.

Would you like to join me?

Just kidding - no room for anyone but me!

Our birthday post is delayed because we made a trip to sunny Rochester, New York to visit our cousins and Aunt and Uncle!

Ava and Uncle Drew

Colin got to play with all of the cousins' awesome toys!

Colin hijacked this car.

Then he hung around in the swing.

All of the cousins in various states of mind.

Ava getting ready...

Ava on the move...

She is ALWAYS on the move now.

Put her in one spot, leave and come back 1 minute later, and she's 10 feet away.

Ay! Stop talking about me!

Yeah that's my sister!

Here is the latest addition, cousin Katie.

Katie with Uncle Mike.

We even ventured out to a professional picture studio to try and capture the families...

One year family portrait. Yes, you will be getting this as a Christmas Card.

This next one was tough, but we got them all to sit still for one millisecond...

Colin, Ava, Katie, Jack, and Brady.

And the whole crew...

Stacey, Michael, Aunt Laura and Uncle Drew with Ava, Colin, Brady, Jack, and Katie.

And to all those who sent us birthday gifts and greetings, we say Thank You!

Monday, November 16, 2009

In A Pickle

We're still recovering from our sickness - and we're doing much better. But, despite being stuffed up, we never lost our appetite!

Contemplating the pickle

While Colin mostly sticks to carbs, Ava has a very sophisticated palate. She likes all her fruits and veggies, pastas, etc... and she even likes pickles!

It's a bit sour...

I'll give it a shot


love it!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I thought we could make it through the twins' first year without any illnesses. Because they are cared for in our own home, it was a real possibility. But sometimes you have to go out into the real world and interact with, well, you know... other human beings who harbor tons of nasty germs. Hey, I know we can't isolate our kids forever... anyone know where we can buy bubbles for them? ;-)

It must have been something that Mommy, Ava and Colin were all exposed to at the same time because we all started sneezing Tuesday afternoon. I thought maybe just allergies, but that night I had a sore throat and Colin was coughing in the middle of the night. Yesterday, Ava woke up with a snot handlebar moustache - not good.

So, we crank up the humidifier, give them Tylenol when needed (no fevers yet, thank goodness), give them nasal saline and suck out the snotties, and give them their sippy cups with water. They are still downing their bottles, so that's great. I also put some lavendar, eucalyptus, rosemary aloe rub on their chests. The good thing is that I don't go into the lab on Thursdays, so I can rest up too.

Here's hoping it won't last long, although the nurse said don't be suprised by 7-14 days!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Nice Weather

We were able to sit and play outside all weekend long due to the unseasonably warm weather!

We helped with yard work on Saturday and then yesterday we went to a birthday party in Milton!

We got to hang out with our friend Greta... it was alot of fun and we were all laughing and playing.

Yes, we always wear our Patriots uniforms on game days!

Ava and Greta... bff!

Have a good week!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

No More Cranial Remolding Helmet!

Colin has graduated! After 10 weeks, Colin's head has been successfully remolded to the tune of 12 millimeters. His head WAS 15mm out of whack looking at diagonal front-to-back measurements, and now it is down to 3mm - which is considered normal and done. Those last few mms are the hardest to get and really, we're all set. His head looks great!

You can see his flat spot on HIS back/left - or the top/right of the picture.

He is having trouble adjusting back to sleeping at night WITHOUT his helmet on, believe it or not, so he's been waking a few times a night pretty upset. We've been weaning him off since this last Saturday night and last night (Weds) was the first night he's slept through the night again.

Ava inspecting for roundness...

All-in-all the helmet was a big success and we're glad to have done it. Now, to get that appeal letter out to Aetna to persuade them to reconsider their DENIAL of the service!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pics from the Weekend

What we were up to this weekend...

We hung out downtown at the Boston Common... mom ate some candied nuts!

We went out with our next door neighbor Jack - also a monkey - on Halloween evening. Dad ate all our candy :(

We went for a walk. It was pretty nice out...

We went through the cemetery by the river, it was beautiful.

We ate lots of food...

And got real messy.

And enjoyed it!

We lounged around on the couch...

And we played in our tent! We love our tent - we're gonna love camping!

Have a great week!