Thursday, November 5, 2009

No More Cranial Remolding Helmet!

Colin has graduated! After 10 weeks, Colin's head has been successfully remolded to the tune of 12 millimeters. His head WAS 15mm out of whack looking at diagonal front-to-back measurements, and now it is down to 3mm - which is considered normal and done. Those last few mms are the hardest to get and really, we're all set. His head looks great!

You can see his flat spot on HIS back/left - or the top/right of the picture.

He is having trouble adjusting back to sleeping at night WITHOUT his helmet on, believe it or not, so he's been waking a few times a night pretty upset. We've been weaning him off since this last Saturday night and last night (Weds) was the first night he's slept through the night again.

Ava inspecting for roundness...

All-in-all the helmet was a big success and we're glad to have done it. Now, to get that appeal letter out to Aetna to persuade them to reconsider their DENIAL of the service!


Mommy, Esq. said...

Crazy that he was denied - Laura Case had the same problem but the hostpital chose not to bill her. They both look great!

Amy C said...

I am so glad I came across your blog. I have twin boys and 1 of them has a misshapen head. He is 4 months old and the Dr. said to give it another 2 months and then we might have to move to a helmet. I have been so upset and worried about it. I need to check out the rest of your blog to get he scoop :-)

Amy C said...

Okay...I read up on your blog and have a question...did he have to wear the helmet all day? I also have Aetna so sucks to hear they don't cover the helmet!

BTW..your kids are ADORABLE!

Boston Chef said...

Hey amy c! To answer your question - yes, he wore it all day... right up until 30-90 minutes before nightly bathtime, and then it went right back on for the night.

Please know - the whole process was much easier than we thought it would be. Like you, we were worried about it and thought the "2-3 months" sounded like forever... really, it flew by. The adjustment during the first few days was the hardest part, then it was second nature after that.

If anything, we just wish we had done it sooner! It worked wonders... as they say, it is the only medical procedure that is 100% effective and has 0 side effects!

Amy C said...

Thanks so much for the reply!

alikel6 said...

Hi, my almost 9 months old son just started to wear the helmet. We are on our 2nd week, and he developed skin irritation. When without the helmet he is trying to rub his head against anything just to get it scratched. Did your baby had any problems with the skin? Any suggestions? Thanks a lot

Boston Chef said...

Hi alikel6 - sorry just saw your comment on here. Hopefully you'll get this reply.

Baby powder! Put it on hit head before you put the helmet on. We never put Colin's "hat" on before we powdered him up. That might have saved him any skin irritation.

Good luck!