Wednesday, June 30, 2010

19-Month Old HAMS

I haven't been keeping up with the monthly updates on the twins, but now that the stubborness that leads up to the terrible age of TWO has kicked in, I am lucky if I know the day of the week. Now with both twins walking, I can't keep up with them! And this is an age where they just don't listen, or don't know that sometimes what I'm telling them is for their own good. Like, "Go down the stairs backwards or you'll get a goose egg on your forehead" or maybe "hold my hand or you'll get flattened by that Fiat". Well, there are no Fiats around here, but I just liked the sound of it.

The twins are really starting to ham it up for the camera now...and not just smiling...we're talking silly faces, puckers and tongues out.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

This weekend marked a few firsts at our new home in central Mass -- we hosted our first house guests and we opened the pool! Michael's brother Drew and his wife Laura drove down from sunny Rochester, NY bringing with them the twins' cousins - Jack, Brady and Katie. We did move to a lake community, so it was also time to dust off our trusty canoe. The boys all went out on our lake and Michael even caught a large mouth bass during their outing.

The twins absolutely loved having their cousins around...hopefully we can do it more often even though it's a bear to wrangle up kids and all their gear and be confined in a car for over 5 hours.

Michael throwing Colin in the pool

Jack and Brady lakeside

Brady and Jack poolside

The baby of the bunch -- cousin Katie

Ava rockin' the baby float

Ava, Brady, Colin, Jack and Katie

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Space Invasion

Toddlers do not appreciate personal space. And, unfortunately for Ava, Colin is all up in hers. If she is playing nicely with something, he comes over and rips it away from her. If she is building an architectural wonder made of blocks, he runs over and smashes it and then smiles. He's not being mean, he just thinks it's loads of fun. Aren't twins supposed to know how to share better than singletons?

If Ava climbs in the laundry basket, Colin has to join in on the fun. Basket, not so bad since there is plenty of space for both of them, but as you will see below, smaller spaces signal an imminent cry from one or both. Ava was alone in that tiny ottoman, Colin somehow climbed in causing Ava to be very upset.

On another note, the one nap thing isn't going so well. Some days it's tolerable at 90 minutes, but the past 2 days, an hour or less? And I can't get them to settle back down once they wake up no matter how hard I try. I really would hate to have to start napping them in different rooms, but I'm losing my sanity here. Any advice?

BONUS PIC! Colin invading Ava's chair:

Monday, June 7, 2010


Took advantage of a really hot Saturday to hang out by the (baby) pool.

Colin's getting away! He's headed for the big-people pool... it'll be open soon.

Ava enjoying some alone-time in the pool.

She loves it...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

And we're back from beautiful Caribou, Maine! Our annual trip up to the County was a fly-fishing success and the twins survived the long drive to and from Memere and Pepere's house! The weather was wonderful as we all got to spend some quality time outside.

Here is Ava being all proper and cute.

Colin always having fun...

Looking off in the distance, Colin and Ava contemplate a very long ride back home.

I assure Colin that the ride will involve lots of Sesame Street.

Memere with a very wiggly Ava.

Pepere with not-so-wiggly Ava.

Memere, Pepere, Colin & Ava

And of course the obligatory fishin' shots:

We had a great time as always! The Aroostook River has such a healthy Brook Trout environment...I won't tell you exactly where our spot is though -- that's a secret!