Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

And we're back from beautiful Caribou, Maine! Our annual trip up to the County was a fly-fishing success and the twins survived the long drive to and from Memere and Pepere's house! The weather was wonderful as we all got to spend some quality time outside.

Here is Ava being all proper and cute.

Colin always having fun...

Looking off in the distance, Colin and Ava contemplate a very long ride back home.

I assure Colin that the ride will involve lots of Sesame Street.

Memere with a very wiggly Ava.

Pepere with not-so-wiggly Ava.

Memere, Pepere, Colin & Ava

And of course the obligatory fishin' shots:

We had a great time as always! The Aroostook River has such a healthy Brook Trout environment...I won't tell you exactly where our spot is though -- that's a secret!

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