Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

This weekend marked a few firsts at our new home in central Mass -- we hosted our first house guests and we opened the pool! Michael's brother Drew and his wife Laura drove down from sunny Rochester, NY bringing with them the twins' cousins - Jack, Brady and Katie. We did move to a lake community, so it was also time to dust off our trusty canoe. The boys all went out on our lake and Michael even caught a large mouth bass during their outing.

The twins absolutely loved having their cousins around...hopefully we can do it more often even though it's a bear to wrangle up kids and all their gear and be confined in a car for over 5 hours.

Michael throwing Colin in the pool

Jack and Brady lakeside

Brady and Jack poolside

The baby of the bunch -- cousin Katie

Ava rockin' the baby float

Ava, Brady, Colin, Jack and Katie

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