Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Illness Update

So it got better before it got worse.

Long story short, Colin was getting better before yesterday - but then he came BACK with a 102.4 fever and an emergency doctor's visit.

They suspect he HAD swine flu at one point and that's why the fever had returned. No ear infection (which Ava has and is being treated for with amoxicillin - she's doing much better) - but they decided to run some chest xrays on him because of his cough.

Ever see what they put kids in to get chest xrays? It's called a Pigg-O-Stat... and it is from Medieval Times!

This is not Colin, you can tell because this kid is calm.

Holy moly there are no more tears left after the big scary doctor poking around, followed by being jammed into this thing.

Well, big scary doctor took a look at the results and diagnosis: Pneumonia! Colin has mild pneumonia and is being treated with even MORE amoxicillin.

The good news is he's going to be ok and seems much better today than he was yesterday. And they (and we) slept better last night. However, feeding them bottles has become a chore and we are basically force-feeding them at this point... not sure what to do about that. Our plan to begin him on milk last week is out the door. Trying to keep them up with the fluids but at the same time, he has been vomiting and we don't want him to lose his medicine. Thinking of getting pedialyte but checking in with the little, non-scary doctor soon to see what she says. Ugh.

We really jinxed ourselves, didn't we?


Mommy, Esq. said...

Goodness! Penny went in that contraption at Winchester Hospital - it freaked the crap out of me. I was literally shaking. Ugh. Good luck. I think my kids might have had the swine flu last spring (after our trip to Ohio, before Husband was diagnosed) and they did okay after a painful week.

Boston Chef said...

Thanks... indeed today was much better than the last few days so we're all hopefully headed out of the woods.

Btw, Congrats!!

Julie said...

Hope they are feeling better. Poor Colin and the xray. :( So glad he is feeling better - poor guy!

Ava is so cute crawling!! I love her little voice, it makes me smile.

Just Kristen said...

We all had swine flu back in June...it stinks but all in all I am glad to be done with it! On the other hand, about a month ago we got this current virus that just keeps giving (been in 2x a week since for recurrent ear infections and now a cough and not sleeping Yippee....sounds like what you have!
I hope you all feel better soon!!

Anonymous said...
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Shiney said...

My youngest boy was put into one of those contraptions at 4 months old. It was so scary seeing him in that thing