Monday, December 14, 2009


Poor baby.

UPDATE: They aren't so sure it is roseola. The doctors think it might be hypersensitivity to the amoxicillin they have both been on...

We just can't catch a break... now we have Roseola.

A few things - we're glad that none of this has been serious enough for hospital stays or requiring treatment with anything other than antibiotics and tylenol drops. We're very thankful that these past couple weeks have involved making these guys comfortable and fighting through this with them at home. Things could be much worse and we know these are relatively minor issues compared to what other families have to go through.

However, yikes. These past two weeks have sucked.

Maybe this is the end of the road for sicknesses. That would be great... they are happy and eating and the rash doesn't itch. No more fevers, so that's nice. Ava had this rash for the past couple days and now, sure enough, Colin has it this morning.

Please be the end of the road...


Mommy, Esq. said...

They have a nanny so you can still work, right? Ned had this which we only realized after he got spots (which means the fever was broken) so we didn't bother taking him in. He actually only felt lousy for a day so hopefully it is the same for Ava.

Just Kristen said...

Oh, poor baby! I hope she feels better soon!