Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One Year Stats

We visited the doctor's this morning for our one year check up and... we're doing great! Percentiles are fine and our growth curves are headed in the right direction. Colin's noggin growth has thankfully leveled off and it was Ava's turn for a little growth spurt!
  • Colin weighs in at a hefty 21lbs 1oz, up 2.5lbs from 3 months earlier. That puts him in the 23rd %ile - which is great for a little preemie guy. His height is 29.25", up .75" from 3 months ago and putting him at 31st %ile. His growth spurt was really 6-9 months, he is leveling off a bit.

  • Ava weighs in at a dainty 17lbs 12oz, up 2.4lbs from 3 months earlier and in the 5th %ile. However, her height nearly matches Colin's at 28.5" - up 2" from 3 months earlier and landing her in the 29th %ile. She is long, lean, and mean! (well, not mean)
So it was all good news and everyone was happy and Colin was especially animated and talking and laughing the whole time.... and then the needles came out. FIVE, count them, FIVE injections for each little baby.

The. Sheer. Horror.

Took alot of comforting after that but after a walk back to the car we were all better. Colin even immediately fell asleep on the ride home and then it was recovery naps for all!

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