Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Cape

This past weekend, we visited Papa and Nana down in North Falmouth for a bit of sand and more sand -- all up in baby crevices (ears, noses, fingernails!) They hadn't been to the beach since last year when they were blobs in their stroller, so this was a good time. What better way to wear kids out than to make them haul pails of sand around?

Papa was on water duty and he quickly made Colin a prisoner by filling the hole he was sitting in with said water. This is a good thing because Colin just likes to run. Away. And he doesn't look back.

Ava loved the itty bitty waves in the sheltered little harbor inlet that was our playland. She wanted to play with the big kids who were hunting crabs...and not just hermit crabs, but blues and spiders too!

Super happy Ava

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