Monday, August 9, 2010

Colin's First Haircut

The poor boy looked like Chucky from Child's Play. Crazy, uneven, worst bedhead imaginable. We just resisted for so long because we wanted him to have Fabio's luscious locks. Okay, just kidding, but we didn't want him to have a buzzcut either. Ava's hair is in better shape since her ringlets hide the fact that her hair is uneven. Plus we didn't want to have 2 kids melting down at the salon. And there was no way in hell I was going to do this alone, so I dragged the hubster and Ava along (so she'd be familiar with the place.)

We went to Snip It's in Millbury. It's a kids' salon with huge molded plastic characters, TVs, toys, etc. And the stylists there are more like commandos. Colin's hair was cut in 2 minutes flat...nice and even and handsome. However, within those 2 minutes, Colin went through 5 different emotions: HAPPY (not shown)





But, then it was over and we were all smiles!

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