Thursday, August 5, 2010

Colin's Words

So here's a surprising update to the twins' Early Intervention assessment: Colin doesn't qualify! He tests at, above or just slightly below his age in all areas. At this point, one would have to test 6 months behind in one area to qualify. However, Ava will be receiving services through the KDC for her expressive language. Her receptive language was just fine -- she understands most of what we say in an age-appropriate manner. She just doesn't say much. What she DOES do, is hold up items for me to tell her what they're called. I think she's storing all this information and one day will just blurt out full blown sentences. I'm not worried at all about her, in fact, I was hoping that one of them would qualify so that we can get a professional out here once a week to monitor both of's another adult for me to talk to once a week which helps my noggin. They will also go to the KDC once a week for a playgroup.

On Thursday, we checked out toddler lapsit storytime at the Charlton Public Library...the twins did quite well. Although, when Miss Molly asked if they would like to read a book, Colin yelled, "NO!" Which brings me to the real point of this post -- Colin's words.

This past week he learned "NO", which has been great (not!)
Here are his other fave words with his pronunciation:

BALL (bawwwl)
TREE (tree)
CHEESE (chee)
CAR (crawr)
TRUCK (chuck)
SHOE (shoow)

He has more words, but those are the favorites!

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