Monday, March 9, 2009

A Visit from Uncle Drew or How the Twins Slept Through the Night

Uncle Drew and Colin

On Friday, Michael's brother Drew drove here from Rochester, NY for his first visit with the twins. An extra set of hands from an experienced father (Jack who is 4 today and Brady who is 21 months) would serve to be all we needed to get the twins to sleep through the night!

Uncle Drew and Ava

They had been doing a 6 to 7 hour stretch followed by an overnight dream feed, but had yet to do more than that. I believe Ava would've done it a few times, but LOUD Colin wouldn't allow that to happen! Plus, he's been dealing with some reflux issues which we believe the baby Zantac to be helping. He had no feeding issues last Thursday (1st day of meds) or yesterday, but did have some issues Friday and Saturday probably from the increased volume he needs to take in b/c of the dropped feeding.

So on Friday, I woke up at 6am because it had been so long since I had pumped, and I realized that they were still asleep! They slept from 9pm to 7:30am!

We're starting to bump their bedtime earlier as well, but the stupid time change didn't help at all! Saturday, Colin woke up once, but was easily put down with a 10 minute breastfeed. Last night they slept again for 10 hours!!! This is wonderful since we're getting ready for my maternity leave to be over in 2 weeks.

On Saturday, it was almost 60 degrees here in Boston, so with Uncle Drew, we went for the twins first walk in their Kolcraft Tandem Stroller just around our neighborhood. We made it for about 45 minutes before Colin started to fuss. Yesterday, we took them to Pope John Paul Park in the Neponset area for another fun (but windy) walk. Too bad it is SNOWING today, because now I have the walking bug after being homebound with the babes all winter!

Walking by the river

They're in there!

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Nicole S. said...

That's so AWESOME!!! Isn't sleep a glorious thing? My girl is also the better sleeper. Little Sebastian has yet to make it the 11-12 hours that I will count as "making it through the night" but he gets close. They both did 615pm - 4am last night. I'll take it!!

Congrats on this new development :)