Thursday, March 12, 2009

HD Twins

We've gone high def!

(looks like we'll have to update our blog template too - needs to be a little wider!)

We're having alot of fun getting used to the new camcorder - and the Sony Vegas Movie Studio software we needed to edit HD - and look forward to capturing lots of milestones in full 1080p HD!

Good thing we got this thing far in advance of many of those milestones - we have a LOT to learn!


Alexis said...

Your twins are truly adorable. I love Boston twin mom blogs. We're expecting a boy and a girl in July and it's so nice to know we are not flying solo in all this. Take care.

Nicole S. said...

No, we didn't switch formulas - just dropped it all together. I exclusively pump for the twins (I know, I'm nuts...) so now both babies are on plain old breast milk.