Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Bunch of Pics

Colin loooooves his vibrating, bouncing Itsy Bitsy Spider chair! Ava digs it, too.

Almost got the hang of the bumbo...

My head isn't quite upright, but I know I'll like this thing soon.

Chillin' on the boppy is a favorite pasttime.

I think I'm a big man.

But my favorite place to be is with my mommy.

There's the girl...

Ava is too sweet.

She's like honey and maple syrup and sugar and molasses mixed together and poured over chocolate.

Now THAT'S sweet!


Nicole S. said...

What sweet photos!! Don't you just love those bumbo seats? My girl is getting the hang of it but my guy is still tipping a bit :)

Deanna said...

What sweet shots of the twins ...they are simply ADORABLE!!! They look sooo cozy laying on you!