Monday, March 23, 2009

Back to work...

Ah, my 4 months are up - tomorrow is my first day back to work! And although I'll only be going back to work part-time for now, I'm dealing with some severe anxiety.

I was given an extra 4 weeks because I had twins...I'm not sure if that's fair to singleton mothers, but I'm not complaining and am very thankful given that I was in the hospital for a week post-partum and then twins were there 10 more days beyond that.

I know that most moms would agree that it's hard leaving your infant for the first time. You want to be with them, but if you need to work for whatever reason, you have to find a way to deal with the separation. I love my job, I love the science and the research I do, but even so, I know it will be a tough transition.

Thankfully, MGH has a wonderful working mother program that makes the transition a bit easier - especially since I'll be pumping at work. What also makes this time a bit easier to swallow is that my boss is extremely flexible about when I work. My research lends itself well to coming in for a few hours here and there, very early in the morning, late at night... working odd hours and odd days. Plus, commuting off the rush hours will usually allow me to miss the Boston traffic rush, so I can get home to the twins (and hubby!) quickly.

So last week we started our new part-time nanny who will be taking loving care of the twins while I'm at work! This way, we're lucky enough to keep the twins out of a daycare with other runny noses for now. The fact that hubby works from home together with my job flexibility are priceless perks that will allow us to shower the twins with the attention and affection that they so deserve... have I mentioned how wicked cute they are?

So tomorrow, I go back to my lab...I know the day won't be perfect, I know I'll be sad, I'll forget my lunch, or one of them will spit up on me on my way out the door, but it doesn't matter because Colin and Ava will give me big smiles when I open the front door!


Mommy, Esq. said...

Your twins are absolutely adorable! Here I thought you were really a chef. :) One perk of a nanny - my house is always picked up, dishwasher ran and the kids clothes laundered and foled - plenty of down time while they nap. Your husband will be better than I am working from home - I pop in way too often but I definitely don't interfere.

Deanna said...

They are sooo adorable!!!
Best of luck with going back to work... it is never easy but coming home to them will even be better!!!

Just Kristen said...

Awww...I loved the pictures of you in the lab. I'm in the home stretch of getting my PhD at BUMC and had my twin boys last I can totally relate!! Going back was tough. But after a few weeks I realized that it is really breeze compared to taking care of two infants! Best of luck!