Monday, May 17, 2010

The Yogurt Experience

Our new life here in Worcester County is all good! Mom loves being home with the twins all day! I think it's paying off -- Colin is now a champ at walking (videos to come) and Ava is getting bolder with her steps. I also think they are starting to understand me better. When I say "let's go for a walk/ride," Colin finds his coat and shoes and throws them at me. Then he throws Ava's shoes at me and puts her hat on his head...ha! Pretty soon he'll start throwing my shoes at me -- note to self, do not leave my clogs in the family room. Ouch!

We are also on Day 2 of going down to 1 nap a day. Yesterday, I went on a run with them in the morning to keep them awake, and we made it until 11:55am before I had to put them down for their nap. They fell asleep right away and slept until 1:35...not too bad.

On to the yogurt experience...the twins have had yogurt before, but I always spoon-fed them YoBaby. It's kind of runny which would be a bad thing for them to handle on their own, so I bought Danonino yogurt by Dannon which is thicker and the containers only hold about an ounce or so.

Behold the's quite the vision.

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Nicole S. said...

The Fage greek yogurt is VERY thick and great for practicing with a spoon. Alos, it has no added suagr so you can have more control over that part of it. We add fruit, granola, wheat germ, etc.

My sister lives in Grafton and loves it. Hope the area is treating you well!!