Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We've Moved!

Lots of changes at Boston Twins - including moving out of Boston! That's right, we've left the life of the big city, skipped right over the suburbs, and landed in the country of Central Mass!

Last days on the old back deck...

Colin thinking, "I need more space..."

Ava becoming impatient... when will we move???

Daydreaming of the new house...

Ava helping us pack!

Keeping a close eye on that "Toys and Blankets" box...

The other big change is that Mommy is now a SAHM (that would be "Stay At Home Mom"), leaving her job to stay home with the babies and help them learn and grow over the next few years!

We're very excited but at the same time we'll all miss Brianna. We look forward to her visits and convincing her to come out to give the SAHM a break every once in a while!

We made it!

Wooohoooo! We have lots more room now. And a BIG YARD to play in!!!

We love it here, we are already sleeping and napping better and we love all the carpet we get to play on. We have less forehead bruises without the hardwood!

Mommy and Daddy are finding it much more relaxing, too.

More to come now that we're settled!

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