Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Random Pics

Brianna, the twins' nanny, got on us about not posting much recently - even though she's here every other day with the babies she still checks the blog! So here is our favorite kind of post: random pics!

Playing together.

Ava is kind of a bully... taking toys from Colin.

And Colin is kind of a baby about it... he just cries when she gets near and takes his stuff.

And if she gets TOO close, he shoves her!

She's a tough cookie.

Tough, but sweet.

Majoring in Naptime.


Loves his cheeeeeeeese!

Colin at work, making (piggy) bank.

Hold my calls! Sell, sell! Everyone's selling? Then buy! Buy!

Ava is happy with her buckets.

1 comment:

Julie said...

Yes - post more pictures, can't ever have too many posts or pictures! They look so grown up, I can't believe it!! So adorable. Love how they interact (and fight over toys, hee hee).