Friday, September 4, 2009

Hanging Out

Just hanging out after breakfast...

We chew stuff.

Colin's got new stickers for his helmet - which we now call his "hat".

He's got Cars, Simpsons, Disney, and Kung-Fu Panda. We went with the sticker smorgasbord.

This velcro strap holds the helmet on tight.

You can see the open spot in the back there. That's where his head will... fill in? He's getting used to it and sleeping better. It was tough, for all of us, to go from sleeping through the night back to a couple wake-up calls per night.

He developed this "smile" for the camera all by himself.

Colin is fun and goofy and has a wide range of emotion... big highs and big lows.

This is Ava.

She's sweet and serious. She's very steady, but when she gets upset you KNOW something is very wrong. She has the saddest sad face in the history of sadness or faces.

But she can also be very mischievous...!

See ya laters...

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Nicole S. said...

i say this far too often about your kids but MY GOSH - THE CUTENESS!!!!