Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What We Did On Our Short and Sweet Labor Day Weekend Vacation...

We headed 400 miles north (that's a 7-hour car ride each way, folks) to Caribou, Maine this past weekend for a mini "vacation" at the Grandparents' place!

Let's see, what did we do?

We hung out with our Grandparents in the beautiful late-summer weather.

We saw other family, too, see previous post...

We were baptized Catholic! We reject Satan! AND all his works!

First up, Colin.

Then Ava... they did really well. They loved looking at and listening to Father Aaron, and then Ava puked all over Pepere (Grandpa)!

Mom and Dad got to do some fishing...

Mostly Dad.

We safely release 99% of our catches with the most care, but once a year we'll keep a delicious brook trout for ourselves!

Colin got to try out this great car at Aunt Arlene's!

Checking his blind spots...

(shhh... his helmet was off for the baptism)

Ava waited patiently for her turn to try the car. Colin was hogging it.

And then we drove back home! It was exhausting but we had a lot of fun and the weather was gorgeous! See you at Christmas!

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