Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Round-Up

We are gearing up for the twins' first big trip to Caribou, ME next weekend. They can't wait to see Memere and Pepere! And we can't wait for them to babysit while we go fly fishing for native Brook Trout in the Aroostook River (hey, we need some fun time too!!)

We even had to purchase an 18 cubic ft Yakima Skybox for the Outback b/c, my goodness, the babies have so much crap! Bumbos, Boppies and bouncy chairs oh my!

Anyways, here's a round-up of this past week's activities...

Ava modeling for us before her bath

Waiting patiently...

Colin lifting his noggin' before his bath

Waiting impatiently...

Ava letting us know she thinks Colin is a nut

Colin sitting like a big boy

The twins trying out puree de green beans

Random crazy faces

Have a good week!


Nicole S. said...

Trip sounds like fun! Is your family french?

Boston Chef said...

Mais oui! Mommy's family is French Canadian...K-5th grade was semi-bilingual too! Normally is 6.5 hours to get up there. not sure how long it will take us b/c of feedings. Colin can definitely rock the MilkMaid in his carseat, but I'm not sure about Ava. Have you taken a long car ride yet?