Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend Trip

We packed up the car (and the box on top of the car), watered the cats and fed the plants, locked up tight and took off for a long weekend visiting Memere and Pepere in Caribou, Maine - 400 miles north of Boston.

Mommy lasted maybe half an hour before moving to the back seat with the twins. It was just too difficult from the front seat to do... anything, really. They needed attention so Stacey bit the bullet and squeezed between them for the ride up - and the entire 400 miles home. She was able to entertain them, cover them with blankets when they were napping, and even feed them on the go. We only really had to stop for diaper changes... they did really well.

Last leg of the trip - both ways - started to get a little out-of-hand fussy... including babies and Mommy and Daddy. But we did it and had a pretty good time!

Got to hang out with Memere and Pepere...

And Pepere...

(new #1 Pepere shirt)

And mommy and daddy got to do some fishing on the first day there, which was beautiful.

(released safely! this time...)

It was very tiring.

But we had alot of fun!


Nicole S. said...

Looks like you all had such a nice time!! How long was the drive?

Boston Chef said...

We did it in about 7.5 hours on the way up... and just over 7 hours coming home. Would have been under 7 on the way back if not for Boston traffic!