Friday, April 3, 2009

Vital Stats at Four Months

Yesterday we went to the doctor for the twins' four-month visit - complete with ouchie booboo shots. This was not a pleasant experience. The worst part is how happy and cooing they were with the doctor when he was examining them. They were happy and patient little patients, and then the big bad nurse came in. It's like good cop, bad cop. There's a reason why the doc does his exam before the shots... he gets it easy, then he bolts and lets the nurse do the dirty work!

Ava went first and when Colin heard her cries of sheer terror, he chimed in even before he was given his first prick. All I have to say is THANK GOD they love riding in the car b/c that completely calmed them.

Their schedule was completely shot for the day due to fussiness and crying thinking back to the painful memory of the shot monster. Hopefully today we can get them back on track... they woke up blissfully happy and we hope it stays that way!

Here are their stats:
Ava is now 10lbs1oz with a length of 23.25" and a head circumference of 38.5cm. Her length gets her up into the 5th percentile, but her weight and head are just below. However, her growth curve looks fantastic, she was just a petite petunia when she was born so she'll catch up eventually!

Colin (aka Big Bruiser) weighs in at 12lbs12oz... 7 ounces more than 2 weeks ago, so we think his reflux is under control now. He is 24" long and his big head measures up at 42cm. His head circumference gets him into the 25th percentile and his weight and length are in the 10th percentile. He has "el noggin grande". He, too, has a great growth curve.


Mommy, Esq. said...

They sound great! Sometimes you can preempt the shots by giving them some Tylenol before you leave for the doctors. I also find if you can snuggle one, then the other right after the shots it helps (yes, I've done this alone but now I make the nanny go with me). Also see if they can use 2 nurses to get both shots done at the exact same time - one on each leg.

Nicole S. said...

I second Mommy Esq. recommendation to give tylenol before the shot. I alos have their pacifiers at the ready - although I'm sure you tried that :)
Glad to hear they are growing well and healthy. They look awesome!