Sunday, April 26, 2009

Five Months Old Today!

Wow, what a gorgeous weekend in Boston this is turning out to be! Yesterday we went for a walk around Jamaica Pond and Daddy got to stop and fish a little (they just stocked the pond with trout!)... Colin zonked out, but Ava was checking out all the nature.

The twins got to wear summer clothes and nice wide-brimmed hats. We slathered them up with Banana Boat Baby with SPF50... and although this sunscreen is not completely chemical-free, it is PABA-free and avobenzone-free (and Coppertone is not). Even I put some SPF15 on and yet, I still got color on my shoulders!

In the afternoon, we brought them out on the back deck with us while we listened to the Red Sox game on the radio and sipped on some beers. Ahhh, feels like summertime.

We knew Colin was such a sweaty boy, but now that it's warm, we're in for some serious sogginess. We traded out the heater and the humidifier in their room today with a fan, so hopefully with the white noise machine, it'll provide enough buffer against the city noises. Last night, we also switched out Colin's fleece swaddle with a cotton one, and we need to buy one for Ava as well because I don't think they're ready for night-time sleep without being swaddled. But they are 5 months old today, so we'll see how much longer it'll be.

Oh and Daddy didn't catch any fish...


Nicole S. said...

are ava's eye's getting blue/green?? what beautiful girl :)

Boston Chef said...

Thanks! Her eyes are still pretty blue... wonder what color they'll end up as.

Julie said...

I really love those pictures. They are too cute!

We swaddled Chloe until she was 6 months old!! We couldn't live without the swaddle. :)