Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Twins Are Here!!!!

Welcome Colin Andrew and Ava Katherine to the world!

Everyone is doing well, the babies are doing fantastic especially considering they are a couple weeks early. Mom is resting and enjoying medication for a few days.

It was a long night, lots to tell... but for now how about some pictures?

First, Ava Katherine...

Ava is the younger sister by about two minutes... she weighed in at a svelte-but-healthy 3.5lbs. She is very delicate.

She makes lots of concerned faces and seems very serious about everything...

Opening her eyes a little to look at mom.

Older brother Colin Andrew weighed just shy of 5lbs when he made his debut...

Unlike concerned Ava, Colin just chills.

He coos and just makes himself comfortable.

Colin just chillin' under the heater. Both babies needed a little warmth and Ava needed some IV fluids, but neither needed help breathing or anything else. They are both doing VERY well...

Dad meets Colin, and helped him with his first taste of bottle.

Colin meets his Grandparents.

Everyone will continue to gain strength and operate under their own power. Hopefully we'll all be able to go home in the next few days if everyone does well.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Butta Buns said...

A girl and a boy, that's so neat! Congratulations they're beautiful!


Erica said...

OH MY GOSH! Congrats! They are just beautiful!