Monday, November 17, 2008

Twin Baby Nursery!

The nursery is complete and awaiting the upcoming arrivals! Final projects were the mural, which came out great, and a dimmer switch for the overhead light... all done!

The mural was from - it is A Walk in the Wood by Beatrix Potter.. the old Peter Rabbit books. It came in two canvas sheets. It was quite a project.

We bought some luaun plywood (thin, light plywood) and prepped that first by gluing and nailing two woooden "runners" along the top and bottom of the back. These runners provide stability for the plywood and give a location to mount the necessary hangers on the back - the plywood would be too thin for that.

Then, we sanded it all down so it was nice and smooth, and primed the front with Killz primer. After that dried we were ready with our heavyweight wallpaper paste.. we spread that on 1/2 of the wood and layed down canvas #1, brushing out any bubbles with a wallpaper spreader and measuring the overlaying edges to make sure it was even. We then quickly did the 2nd canvas, lining up the center overlap so that it was as "seemless" as possible. We let that dry for a day or two before turning it over, pasting the edges of the back, and wrapping the canvas around the sides to create a "stretched canvas" look.

After that dried, we simply glued down the overlapped part in the middle, mounted D-rings on the back and ran heavy-duty wire across. Two mounts on the wall for the wire to hang on and voila. That was easy... right?

The armoire is a converted TV stand - we took all shelves out and added curtains and rods to hang clothes in the top and lined baskets for other items in the bottom!

The dresser, mural, and rug were a gift from the future babies' Grandparents! THANKS!

We found some Peter Rabbit prints on and framed those for over the crib...

And the crib was a gift from the future babies' OTHER Grandparents! THANKS!

Sitting and waiting....

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