Friday, March 11, 2011

Ava's First Haircut

At over 2 years old, we had yet to cut Ava's curly locks. The ringlets hid all the frizzy baby hair and uneven lengths. The inability to put a comb through even super-conditioned hair brought me to the point that I dreaded -- bringing her to the salon. If Colin's first trip (see below) late last summer was any indication as to how Ava would react, I would be up to my ears in tears. Michael was very smart and sly about saying that he'd stay home with the boy for some alone time. This way he wouldn't have to experience the horror. Thank goodness that Snip Its has seatbelts on their salon chairs and a kind bubble-blowing receptionist to calm Miss Ava down!

Oh and of course I forgot both my camera AND my phone on the kitchen counter. So here's the blurry after picture taken at home!

*Colin's first trip to the salon


Julie said...

I love her hair cut!!! Snip-its is great! We are due to go back there too!

Amanda said...

So cute...just started following. My twins are 2.5 and have yet to have a haircut, but I'm now feeling inspired to get it done!