Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to my now TWO-year old twins! Their birthday was on Friday, but we were in sunny Penfield, NY for Thanksgiving which gave me no time to post! I'll also follow this post up with some pictures of our visit with family.

My little nuggets are no longer babies...they are definitely toddlers, little people if you will. When I was pregnant with them, I remember the strong desire to at least make it until Thanksgiving, because that would only be a month early. It was my mental goal to hold on until then to give them the best possible chance. I like to think that we made it -- albeit 2 hours shy. And they did have a great start...just 2+ weeks in the NICU at Beth Israel in Boston without any need for respiratory aid.

And now Colin knows his ABC's and how to count to 10?!? He's two?!? And Ava can build block castles to the sky (until Colin comes and knocks them down of course!)

And why is it that my kids don't like CAKE?!?! As you can see below, we were thankful that someone did -- Hi cousin Katie!!!

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Julie said...

I can't believe they are two... they don't look like babies anymore, their faces have totally changed to look like toddlers!!

Something about the age of 2 when this change happens.