Thursday, October 7, 2010

We love fall!

Picture-perfect autumnal weather. That describes this past weekend which has now been sandwiched between 2 dismal rainy blustery weeks. I am just thankful that we took advantage of the outdoors because being stuck inside stinks!

On Saturday, we took the twins to Westville Rec Area for a walk. After discovering that the dirt road that goes up alongside the Quinebaug was closed to cars, we unstrapped the twins from their stroller and let them walk amongst the leaves and acorns. This was a nice wide road instead of the skinnier trail I usually take them on so it was a bit safer; however we did have to keep close eyes on their riverbank-diving tendencies.

Later that day, we met up with some friends at Hyland Brewery and Orchard in Sturbridge for some mid-afternoon music, beer and apples. Beth, Mike, Michael and Greta drove out from Boston to this wonderful orchard that they've been going to for years. Now that we only live 15 minutes away, we joined them this year. I can't believe we never have gone there -- what beats live music, fresh-brewed beer, animals, apples, pumpkins, and a great grassy hillside complete with fenced in play-area for the kids? Did I mention the beer? : )

Greta and Ava see-saw-ing

Colin making friends with a pony

Michael and Colin trying to pet the animals

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