Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dinner Pics and Crawling Vids

Babies having dinner.

Trying to get a video of Colin's crawl that he's developed over the past week. He isn't speedy like Ava but he's getting there. If Ava has the "Bear Crawl" then Colin has the "Crab Crawl" going on. He actually gets around pretty well with this method.

This ended up being more of a dancing video...

And a very low-quality movie showing some more crawling... and crying and whining.


Unknown said...

Thats adorable. How old are your two? (I just started following you). Mine are 10 months and my daughter is big into the army crawl. However, my son has no interest in moving. I keep trying to encourage him to get going, but he is happy where ever we put him.

Boston Chef said...

Hi Chantal - our guys are 14 months. Ava started crawling long before Colin.

Now that she is VERY mobile, he has gone from being jealous and frustrated... to being motivated! His crawl has come on recently and it is improving by the day - it happens so quickly!