Monday, July 20, 2009

On the Cape

This past weekend, we brought the twins to Nana and Papa's house on the Cape and it was nice enough to go to their beach! Michael's brother, Drew and our nephews Jack and Brady were also visiting. The water was warm and they both loved to splash around and then nap (or simply just laugh in Ava's case) in an SPF-50 beach tent we got for them off Amazon. I'm honestly not sure what was so funny in the tent...the blue fabric? Colin was napping beside her, maybe he was tooting which gave her the giggles! Or perhaps she was laughing at Mommy's valiant attempt to not look like a whale in a bathing suit...9 months up, 9 months down my ass. The experience flung me straight into a run with hubby and the babes yesterday and a first-time pilates workout today. Being 5'1" and 35 years young did not let me carry twins gracefully let's just say.

Cousin Jack pouring water on Michael and Papa Barry chillin' with Ava.

Uncle Drew and Colin

And lastly, here is proof from last week that Ava is starting to be able to sit, although she leans forward quite a bit...oh and she does smile for the camera once in awhile!


Nicole S. said...

Exactly where were you that the water was warm?? I have been dyign to find a place where I can take the babes - they HATE cold water. And so does Billy!

Boston Chef said...

We were on Buzzard's Bay side of Cape Cod (North Falmouth) right near Old Silver Beach! Water gets very warm on that side of the Cape - plus, just over an hour from Boston...