Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hello Daddy!

Hi Daddy, we miss you! We know you'll be back from your trip to Louisville soon, but we wanted to show you how well we play together! Also, Mommy thought she'd play catch up at posting some pics from this past Father's Day weekend.

Here's Ava hamming it up with Nana.

Colin lays low with Papa after being entertained by Papa's crazy Donald Duck voice!

Later that evening, Ava showed us her favorite thing to do in the bathtub -- suck on her washcloth. I swear you can hear her doing this from the other room.

Seriously, Mom, this camera thing is freakin' me out! Let me get back to my teether.

Colin chills out with his Milk Maid. Look Ma, no hands!

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Boston Chef said...

Hi family... miss you too. See you Saturday.

Be good!