Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Twins at 24 Weeks - Last Camping Trip

The twins are at 24 weeks now, about the size of a papaya! They are moving around quite a bit, pushing and kicking and punching and flipping and flopping around. Their faces are fully formed - I wonder what they look like? And they've developed taste buds! So they can share in Mommy's hot fudge sundaes...

We took the opportunity to take one last "camping" trip as a twosome to Northern New Hampshire to the Dartmouth Second College Grant.

An osprey nest greets you on the way in to the Grant, after the gate at the entrance.

We stayed in luxury this past weekend at the Management Center Cabin - one of the few that has an inside, flush toilet. We needed the comfort of using the bathroom inside - instead of out in the outhouse - as you can imagine.

The cabin was very well appointed with propane lights and fridge/freezer, books and other cool artifacts, a couple of deer heads, a nice kitchen, lots of chairs and tables, and a couple of big wood stoves for heat (that we didnt' need)...

The lands and networks of rivers up there are simply beautiful. We love going up there and exploring - and we can't wait to take the twins with us in a few years!

Of course, we took the opportunity to wet some flies. Caught a few Brook Trout - all released safely.

I had slipped and fallen in the river, note the wet tshirt. Had to dump out my waders...

Self portrait

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