Monday, August 4, 2008

It's a boy! And a girl!

We found out last week that we'll be having the sampler platter - a boy and a girl! We were called away for a family emergency so we didn't get to update until now.

We also got nice, new ultrasounds... here is the boy, on Stacey's left side:

And here's the girl, on her right:

You can see their noses and faces and hands and feet and everything! Here is another of the girl, she's staring into your soul.....

Now we get to figure out non-gender decorating for their room! That might be tough. Oh yeah, and also names - we may need to put some thought into that. Any suggestions?

At over 18 weeks, we're halfway there!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulation, it is great having twins, I have twins that are a girl and a boy and it is the best!