Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

I cannot take credit for this recipe... but I can take credit for stuffing it into my mouth! My sister-in-law, Laura, made this wonderful concoction for us during our visit to Rochester this past weekend. Considering how hot and sunny it was, this ice cream cake served as a nice cool treat.

Line a loaf pan with wax/parchment paper for ease of removal. First layer is ice cream sandwiches... yep, the pre-made kind you ate as a kid - or perhaps still eat! Then goes a layer of heavy cream which has been whipped with some sugar. I usually use confectioner's sugar when I whip cream, but I'm not sure what she used. You could also go lower fat with some low-fat Cool Whip if you so desire.

Then another layer of bars, then more cream... I suppose you could go another layer, it just depends on the depth of your pan! The top layer should be the cream topped with smashed up Heath bars! Let this set in the freezer for at least 2 hours. Lift out with the paper when you're ready to serve!

Thank you Laura & Drew for hosting us this past weekend - hopefully I didn't drain your pantry of food! And here are our nephews, Brady & Jack! Jack is extremely excited to meet the babies in my belly - he named one of them Pirate. I'm not sure where he got that one!

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